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Catching Ground

WSC 2017: 16 von 42 teilnehmenden Fahrzeugen

30 days to go to the start of this years World Solar Challenge. The student teams from all over the world arrive in Australia. They wait to receive their their batteries, their gear and their cars. However transport and customs take time.

Teams from outside Australia that haven’t shipped their car yet, certainly feel pressure to get the solar car to Darwin in time. Although the cars themselves can reach Australia quickly by air freight, the batteries will not. They must be shipped and customs want to see them closely before they are allowed to enter the continent down under. Bochum has excellent logistics and is already unpacking the battery container. What a pity that the blue.cruiser is still missing. When it arrives the most important questions are: In what condition is the car after the transit? Are there serious damages? How long does it take to repair them? Only Australian teams still have time to build the car.