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Hungry for Sunshine, Ready to Race

tough testing conditions for the blue.cruiser | ©Bochum Solar Car Team

The static scrutineering in advance of the World Solar Challenge (WSC) are a struggle to the race. The static scrutineering” started on Oct 2nd with two cars and continued with 14 teams a day until Thursday.

The scrutineering is not intended to be a selection, but a presentation to qualify. “We expect every car to comply. If there are questions, it is up to the team to persuade the engineers” director Chris Selwood points out.

The first car to receive a “Go” was Violet vom Team Sunswift. Very well done, since the Team had to cancel the unveiling two weeks ago, do to an accident. Today the first German car, the Sonnenwagen qualified for dynamic scrutineering on Saturday.

Solar Cars pack down in the Outback

tyssenkrupp blue.cruiser ©Hochschule Bochum Solar Car Team

tyssenkrupp blue.cruiser ©Hochschule Bochum Solar Car Team

45 solar cars racing on sunshine only will compete in the Australian outback from October 8th – for over 3000 kilometer. They fight to win the World Solar Challenge (WSC), the world championship of solar cars.
The organizing team published the official list of participants on July 6. From 16 Asian Teams 4 are Japanese. The US will send 7 out of 9 solar cars from the Americas. Only one of them from South America. Host Australia is strong with 7 participating solar cars. Two teams come from Africa. The 11 European teams come from the Netherlands (3), UK (2), Sweden (2), Germany (2), Poland (1) and Belgium (1). Having 2-10 support vehicle each the 46 participating teams will build a huge bunch, starting from Darwin, heading south. It’s good to know that Stuart Highway is wide enough for everyone.